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How to Write the Best Nanny Overview

How to Write the Best Nanny Overview

“How can I get more families to notice my profile?”

We often get asked this question by nannies who join us.

In this article, we will provide tips for our Nannies to write the best nanny overview so our customers know them better.

These pointers will help get families to notice you, increase the number of parents that contact you for interviews and ultimately help you land a great nanny job.

Write the Best Nanny Overview and Get Noticed!

Not sure what to include in your profile or where to get started? If you are feeling stuck on how to create the best nanny overview, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Every day we see hundreds of listings and have consistently found 4 areas of a job seeker’s profile that have the biggest impact on whether families contact you or not.

The 4 Critical Areas of Your Nanny Overview

  1. Headline
  2. Profile Photo
  3. Description
  4. Details


Your headline is one of the first things your prospective employers will see. It is usually the thing that decides whether the rest of your profile gets read or not; so you will want to make sure you’ve got one that stands out from the rest!

No matter your headline, you’ll want to follow these suggestions…

Headline Recommendations

  • Don’t make it all caps or all lowercase, use proper capitalization
  • Be unique (browse other nanny headlines and make sure yours is different)
  • Be specific
  • Be descriptive
  • Be Positive
  • Use words that build trust

Nanny Profile Headline Examples

  • “Experienced Nanny Available for the Summer”
  • “Patient and Loving Nanny Available Immediately – Flexible Hours!”
  • “Qualified and Dependable Nanny You Can Trust”
  • “Outgoing Nanny Who Loves to Have Fun!”
  • “Date Night Sitter – Available Evenings and Weekends”

Profile Photo

Profiles with photos get seen five times more than those without! So while it’s completely optional to include a profile photo, there is often a lot of competition for nanny jobs so we highly recommend that you always include a photo of yourself in your profile!

Families appreciate being able to see who they are messaging and this also makes it easier for them to remember who they’ve reached out to.

Important Tip: Avoid using “glamour shot” style photos. Use a recent, clear, smiling headshot of yourself.

Note to nannies: If you decide to use a photo that includes a child or children that is/are not your own, please make sure you have permission from their family before you post it on your profile!


Now that you’ve captured the attention of a potential match, your profile’s description plays an important role in getting them to actually want to reach out to you.

Your profile acts like your resume. It helps families get a feel for what you’re all about and if you’re just the right candidate they are looking for.

Be sure to include the following:

An introduction:

You don’t need to tell your life’s story but you should make a friendly introduction to prospective families and let them know why you are interested in childcare and what your passions are. This is where you can really try to set yourself apart and sell yourself!


Families want to know when you’re available – whether you are seeking full-time, part-time, or only certain hours of certain days, etc. Are you available to start right away or are you only available after a certain date? Also, are you available for short-term or long-term? Try to be as clear as possible.

Experience and Qualifications:

As mentioned previously, your listing is similar to your resume and so you will definitely want to include what experiences and/or special skills you have with child care. What ages of children have you cared for? What sort of duties were you expected to perform? Do you have any special training or certificates that pertain to caring for children (i.e. babysitter course, First Aid/CPR, ECE, etc.)? Try to avoid including a work history that doesn’t pertain to child care.

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Your “Nanny Details” section of your listing is also important to complete as much as possible. You may have already outlined most of your details in your description, but you will still want to check off as many of the boxes that apply to you. The more boxes you select in this section, the more searchable your listing becomes when matches are conducting their search using our filters. Just be sure that boxes you check really do apply to your skills, experience, preferences, etc.

We Are Always Here to Help!

We at Good Nanny Finder understand it can be stressful trying to find the perfect nanny or child care provider. Not only is it stressful for those seeking help, but it can be stressful for the nannies seeking work as well.

Although we may be a self-serve service, we are still very much devoted to helping families and caregivers succeed in their search for a match. Our customer support team is always here and happy to offer any advice to our potential and existing customers.

We hope that our tips above will help ease some of this stress, give you the confidence to create your best nanny overview to help you find that perfect nanny job!

For more tips for nannies, be sure to check out our recent blogs here.

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