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Which Nanny Fits Best Your Family

Which Nanny Fits Best Your Family

Raising children has never been easy for mums, even stay-at-home mums sometimes require help in the form of sitters that are known as nanny, baby sitters, part-time nanny, full-time nanny and back-up sitter. It would be good if as parents we understand the different types of nanny and how they can make our job of raising children easy.

The 5 Important Types of Nanny:

1. Mother's helper:

Childcare could sometimes turn you crazy when you have to deal with energetic children all the time; your need for a break is served by a  mother’s help who is 12 to 13 years old stays at home and plays with the child while you are around supervising. Also known as baby-sitters in training they help you to have a break to drink a quiet cup of coffee, visit the bathroom for a shower or just to cook a dinner without interruption. It is worth it to have a trusted sitter to relieve you for even a few hours a week to have some time for yourself.

2. Babysitter:

A babysitter is someone whom most parents will benefit from; you could ask one to watch your children when you run errands or want to go on a date with your spouse. Helping to make life easy for an overstressed parent they play, feed and put the child to bed. Looking for a babysitter means looking for someone who is mature enough to do the things you need like making dinner, putting the kids to bed and sitting in the house while you go out for an evening.

3. Full-time nanny:

This type of nanny is particularly useful for working parents; they care and entertain children when the parents are out. They help work-at-home mums also who find it very difficult to work when kids are around. Full time nannies are child-care professionals that can be depended upon and also plan educational activities and teach children important manners like table manners. They are different from babysitters because they watch your kids for longer periods of time and are more involved with their development and education.

4. Part-time nanny:

Part-time nannies are a mix between a babysitter and a nanny and come in very useful when the kids have just to be watched for a few hours ; they could be used to fill in the gap between when they come back from school and when you return from work. They are trained in childcare and are more involved with the kids and come in useful where you do not want a full time nanny or babysitter but someone for a short while only.

5. Backup sitter

You may have tried all type of sitting arrangements, but each of them may fail due to various reasons; you could not send your child to daycare when he/she is sick, the full time nanny may fall sick, left on a vacation or for a date when you really need her. A backup sitter comes in handy here; he/she is qualified and you can call when your regular caregiver can’t watch the kids for one reason or another.

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