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Why is it Important to Use a Registered Nanny Agency?

Why is it Important to Use a Registered Nanny Agency?

Whether you’re a family looking for childcare options or a nanny looking for your next family to work with, you may be wondering what is the best way to go about this. You might have thought your best chance was to start your search independently on the internet and you may or may not have found an appropriate family or nanny.

Indeed the internet is one of the best places to start, but you have to bear in mind that finding families or nannies by yourself may not be the safest way to seek employment or hire your next child carer. So why is it important to use a registered nanny agency?

How can you find your next nanny or family?

The best way to go about your search is to use a reputable, registered nanny agency, such as Good Nanny Finder. A nanny agency works with both families and child carers seeking employment. They can be a great source to go to as they vet and meet with all prospective families and nannies.

For nannies, they will conduct an interview where they will complete security checks, check their references and qualifications/experience and find out about their previous work history.

For families they will meet/communicate with them to find out about their needs and preferences. They will be able to match the family with prospective nannies and help find the best possible match.

Nanny agencies usually have an office and an online site. Current jobs will be posted online and interested applicants can apply or register their interest. Families will then have the opportunity to view the interested applicant and decide whether they would like to proceed or not.

The benefits of using an agency for families

  • Being able to access pre-vetted nannies
  • Having a point of contact who is professionally trained to find you the best child carer possible
  • Have peace of mind that you will receive support before, during and after a carer is found
  • Can save time, by being able to access applicants without spending huge amounts of time trawling through the internet
  • An agency can provide advice in all areas of employment
  • Can provide specialist child carers and other members of staff that you might require in your home. Sometimes you may not be fully aware of what type of child carer you want to employ and using a professional trained agency can help you with this.

The benefits of using an agency for nannies

  • You can sign up to the agency and have all your details checked and verified. This can save time by not having to show qualifications and security checks every time you find a family.
  • Peace of mind that you will be supported throughout your employment.
  • Job vacancies at the touch of a button

The assurances that using an agency can offer

One of the biggest assurance why it is important to use a registered nanny agency is that it can offer you certain safety features such as checking all nannies thoroughly before they are able to register. This helps to enable that your children and family home will be in safe hands. Of course that’s not saying that employing your own nanny will be dangerous but using an agency just gives you that extra peace of mind when it comes to security.

Agencies will advertise the positions for you so this means they can word the available position appropriately and find only the best, suitable candidate for your position. This not only saves you time but offers assurance that your child will be looked after by the most appropriate person.

Sometimes families may find interviewing prospective candidates daunting, an agency can help you with this so that the hiring process goes as smoothly as possible. They can also help with employment duties and rights as well as contracts. The latter are essential legal aspects to hiring somebody to work in your family home and need to be completed properly and an agency can help you with this.

Using an agency can be a benefit to both families and nannies. It can make the process run smoothly and effortlessly and help provide you with peace of mind both in the security of your family and your career as a carer.

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